‘Old cemetery Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

I visited the Pachmarhi Old Cemetery on January 27, 2014. Unfortunately like a number of old cemeteries in India, this one is not well kept.

I had read a moving blog on the internet about this cemetery. Here is an extract of a blog that I had read on the internet: ‘On this visit I went to the British cemetery; I was particularly interested in finding the grave of a little girl I had known as a youngster. She died tragically of malaria at the age of four. I found her grave and reflected as I stood before it that it had been 62 years since I had seen he, and tried to imagine the anguish her parents would have suffered at having to leave her when they left Pachmarhi for good…’. (http://wallywallah.wix.com /pachmarhicemeteryhome#!__personal) 

Unfortunately I could not locate the grave of the 4 year old child that this blog mentions.

Here are a few pictures that I took:

cath-church-cemetery-pmarhi-2712014-062-420-25The entrance to the cemetery. cath-church-cemetery-pmarhi-2712014-017-40-420

This board above reads, “This cemetery is situated in Pachmarhi tehsil of Hoshangabad district. Pachmarhi is situated on the hill top of Satpura range during British period, the place was accorded the status of ‘Summer Capital’. This is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh. This town was founded by Captain Foresyth. This town is also called the ‘Queen of Satpura’ due to its natural beauty. During the British period, the dead bodies of the British officers and Christians were cremated here. There are almost 80 graves- Commissioner Archeology and Museums, Madhya Pradesh’.” It hardly gives any information about the cemetery.  

cath-church-cemetery-pmarhi-2712014-034-420-40In loving memory of

Mary Russ

Devoted wife of

The Rev. G.M. Davies

Chaplain of Pachmarhi   …   …

… …  January 20th, 1908.cath-church-cemetery-pmarhi-2712014-032-420-20


Jesus He knew thy name


Younger son of

Capt. E.A.G. Wakefield (Royal Deccan Horse) & Vera Wakefield

21st May, 1935

aged 2 years and 8 months.

cath-church-cemetery-pmarhi-2712014-026-420-25In loving memory of

our darling mother

Lily Thavasingh


Samuel  Chunilal Nasir

…   Margaret…   …Died in July 18..

Elizabeth Dunbar-Brandor    23.05.1903

beloved wife of M.A. Dunbar-Brander (?) I.C.S.

who died at Pachmarhi 22nd May 1903

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.



Allahabad- Chunar

(Name of the grave stone provider/inscription writer)

Those interested in details of these buried here may refer to ‘Pachmarhi: The Old Cemetery Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India by Walter Reeve, 2010. “A record of the burial register and surviving inscriptions at the cemetery in the little hill station of Pachmarhi. 47pp, illustrations, map. I understand that this has been published by the British Association of Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA).


Photos, text and copyright: K.J.S.Chatrath

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