‘Some unusual cemeteries- a curtain raiser’ by K.J.S. Chatrath

DSC00329                  Photo taken at the Railway engines cemetery near La Paz, Bolivia.

During my recent visit to South America and a brief visit to France, I visited cemeteries in a number of cities.

Besides I visited three unusual cemeteries:

(i) Mazargues Cemetery in Marseilles, France where there are marked individual graves of about a thousand Indian soldiers who died in 1914-16 defending France;

(ii) A cemetery of discarded railway engines, near La Paz, Bolivia, and

(ii) A cemetery for dogs ad cats built in 1899 in Paris, France.

I would be putting up photo articles on these three and various other cemeteries visited by me recently on this website during the coming days.

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‘Batista Cemetery, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil- a curtain raiser’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

DSC01017 580 50

I recently visited the Sao Joao Batista (St. John the  Baptist) cemetery in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. With the statue of Christ the Reedemer in the background hill, going around the cemetery was a fantastic experience.

The above is one of the many photos that I took. I would soon be putting up a photo article on this cemetery.

I am really  thankful to Veronica Lopez, the CEO of the G Adventure’s ‘Andes to Atlantic Experience’ trip for researching out the details about the cemetery and helping me to plan  the visit. Thank you Veronica.