‘Christ Church Cemetery, Ludhiana, India, Part-I’ by K.J.S.Chatrath


ludhiana-2-3-14-013-final-480-40When visiting Ludhiana two days back, it was not difficult to locate the old cemetery. From the famous ‘Fountain Chowk’ of the city, five roads go to different directions. One such road, called the Cemetery road’ leads the to the cemetery. Locally this cemetery is called ‘Gorian dian kabran’ or the graves of the white people.

By the end of 1809, The Treaty with the Rajah of Lahore was signed in which the Rajah agreed to remain north and west of the Sutlej. British troops were permanently stationed in Ludhiana, and they established a cantonment to further consolidate their occupation.

In 1835, Ludhiana came under official control of the East India Company. The British cantonment was abandoned in 1854.

Most of the graves in this cemetery are of the British Officers, soldiers and of their family members.


The cemetery board seems to have been sponsored by a bread company.


Unfortunately one sees lack of maintenance and upkeep.




It will not cost a fortune to get these graves done up and to give them a fresh lease of life. After all it is a part of our heritage.

ludhiana-2-3-14-043-leila-gouch-480-40In memory of, Leila Gouch,

beloved child of Arthur and Frances Brecher,

died December 12, 1855, aged 14 months.


Sacred to the memory of Henry Noble Knox,

the infant son of Colonel Alfred Knox,

born 13th December 1811, Obiit 3rd February, 1815.


Sacred to the memory of,

Robert St. Clare Burrowes

died 23rd November, 1844,

In his 90th year.


In the loving memory of our son

Alfred Robert James

born 20th May, 1887 and died on 10th Sert. 1917

Age 30 years, 2 months and 20 days.


Sacred to the memory of

John Balfour

of Tarbetness in Scotland,

Late Surgeon 2nd Batt., 16th Reg. Nat: Infy.

Who departed this life on 20th May 1849

In the Forty-Fifth year of his age.

Erected by his friends in the Corps as tribute to the esteem & regret.

(To be continued)


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