‘Landsdowne cemetery, Uttrakhand, India, Part-II’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

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Landsdowne Sept 2015 193 640 50

Very thoughtfully all the graves have been listed out on these two boards. That is possible since it is very small cemetery.

Landsdowne Sept 2015 196 640 50The oldest death recorded is in 1900.

Landsdowne Sept 2015 200 640 25Hraih

Landsdowne Sept 2015 205 640 25Captain James Attwood Simpson  died at the young age of 31 years and 8 months.  Monsoon months used to take a toll on the Britishers in India through malaria. This death took place in the rainy month of July. One must read late Theon Wilkinson’s book ‘Two Monsoons’

Landsdowne Sept 2015 207 640 25Arthur Patrick Bateman-Champain. Age at death- 41 years.


Landsdowne Sept 2015 210 640 25Duncan Arnold Canney, Senior Chaplain. He too died in the rainy month of July.


Edith, wife of Major H.R.S. Reed, too died in the month of July.


Landsdowne Sept 2015 220 640 25

Louis John Bischoff, born in Dublin also died in Landsdowne in the month of July.

Landsdowne Sept 2015 225 640 25May their souls rest in peace.

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