‘Cenotaphs of the Jaipur Maharanis’ by A. P. S. Dhiman

Located between Jaipur and Amber, 5 kms from the centre, the cenotaphs of the maharanis of Jaipur are worth a visit for a stroll. One of the most exquisite attractions in the city of Jaipur, Maharani ki Chhatri is a special area for funeral for the maharanis or the royal ladies. This historical site is located on the Amber Road near the Jal Mahal, making it accessible from all parts of the city. A number of beautifully carved chhatris or cenotaphs, built in the fond memory of the royal ladies of Jaipur, are fostered at this site.

12489380_10205335391928148_3774031665390936142_o 640 50The cenotaphs were the status symbol for the women belonging to the royal families and were, therefore, constructed from diverse materials. While some were made from pure white marbles, the others were constructed with local stones depending upon the importance of the women in the nobility. As a popular belief, a cenotaph was finished with a roof structure only if the queen died before her king. In case she died after the death of the king, it would remain unfinished.

12440333_10205335397248281_4664770323854182491_o 640 5012471865_10205335402768419_6436672758877817804_o 640 5012484650_10205335401448386_3859286670873076061_o 622 5012496418_10205335393968199_7206088036966015164_o 640 5012466013_10205335395288232_934826998821942515_o 640 50(Text & photos provided by A.P.S.Dhiman) 

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