“Old British cemetery ‘discovered’ in Varanasi, India”- by K.J.S.Chatrath


On my visit to Varanasi, India last week I managed to ‘discover’ an old British cemetery there with graves dating back to 1799.

The word ‘discovery’ is being used by me in the way the Europeans claimed to have ‘discovered’ the Americas, India and many other areas from 15th century onwards. These places were already there on earth but since the Europeans did not know about these, they claimed to have ‘discovered’ those. One does not know weather it was just poor use of English language or a bit of pompousness on their part which made them use the word ‘discovery’, but unfortunately the word did stick for quite some time. Anyway, let us let it rest here.

I would be putting up two photo articles on the Varanasi cemetery shortly on this website.


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