‘Visit Navodevichy cemetery, Moscow , Russia’ by Clement Ilango

When you are in Moscow please visit the Navodevichy cemetery that contains 27,000 graves , mostly of famous authors like Anton Chekov , Gogol and Bulgakov, political leaders , musicians , playwrights and poets . You will be impressed by the park like ambience dotted with small chapels and large beautifully sculpted monuments. I visited the tombs of Boris Yeltsin, Khrushchev & Mrs Raisina Gorbachev…………Clement Ilango. 12823237_10153608350423883_9179323557679261237_o 580 40

1173616_10153608354633883_5647740081868460061_n 580 401397046_10153608351393883_5792256473289088267_o 580 4012814724_10153608345853883_5986887170608494521_n 580 40Nikita Khruschev

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Boris Yeltsin

885066_10153608338623883_6976560502499558247_o 580 40And that the writer of this piece and photographer Clement Ilango in a brooding mood.

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