‘Memorial stones of Silchar cemetery thoughtfully relocated to Shillong cemetery by BACSA in 1981’ – by K.J.S.Chatrath

I was visiting Shillong in North East India recently and visited the Anglican cemetery. It is located near what was earlier called the General’s Point but is more commonly known locally as the Rhino Pont, in the cantonement area.


North East April 2016 764 640 75On the inner side of the wall of the cemetery, there are 14 memorial stones embedded in it. As a marble plaque put up by the British Association for cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA)* explains, ” These Memorial Stones were brought from Silchar Anglican Church to be preserved on this wall in 1981′.

Cachar district in Assam has three main towns- Silchar, Lakhipur and Sonai.

This was indeed a far sighted move as it would have been difficult to preserve these 15 stones in Silchar. Here these get the care and protection of a larger well kept cemetery.

This step needs to be considered where ever there are a handful of memorial stones lying scattered and unattended in different parts of India. After all these are a part of our historical heritage.

North East April 2016 776 640 75North East April 2016 767 640 75In the affectionate memory of Kendal Cartagwhirter…   …, who died at Appin Cachar on July 9th, 1897.

North East April 2016 769 640 75In the affectionate memory of Lilian Fanny Antoinette Graham, beloved wife of T.W. Graham, who died at Lakhipur on 5th January, 1914

North East April 2016 770 640 75North East April 2016 768 640 75On the glory of God and in memory of

Alexander Milne, CME

North East April 2016 766 640 75In the memory of Mr. James McIntosh Balfour, S.V.L.H., of Passutipore, who died in Calcutta on August 4th, 1895.

North East April 2016 784 640 75North East April 2016 773 640 75In the glory of God and the memory of Henry Weir, of Kalline Tea Estate, who after a long residence in Cachar, died in Shillong on 9th June, 1917, aged 74 years.

Erected by old friends and members of the local branch of the Indian Tea Associationas a token of appreciation  and esteem. IMIGAD.

North East April 2016 778 640 75North East April 2016 782 640 75In the memory of James Winchester, who was killed in a Lushai attack on Ali*aminapore Garden, on January 23rd, 1871. This tablet is erected by the ***inhabitants of Cachar.

. . . . .

* I would soon be putting up an article on BACSA and the invaluable work done by it in India.

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