“Palampur cemetery, Himachal Pradesh: photos of graves & inscriptions-I” by K.J.S.Chatrath

As the story goes,  Dr. Jameson, Superintendent of Botanical Gardens, introduced the tea bush from Almora to Palampur  in 1849. The bush thrived and a number of tea estates came up. Sadly the tea production now appears to be on the decline. There is a calm cemetery almost in the heart of the town. here are a few photographs of some of the graves and the inscriptions thereon.

The cemetery is just about 300 metres from the Hotel Tea Bud of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (http://hptdc.nic.in/).


The church in the premises.





In memory of Captain A. Milner, 12th The Royal Irish, who died at Palumpore, 17th Septembre. 1879, aged 31 years.


Sacred to the memory of Silus Kamble Whayman, who died at Bundla, 24th Septr. 1873 aged 31 years. This tomb is erected by the K.V.T.Co. and his beloved parents.

‘Thy will be done’.


To the memory of …(illegible)el Nightingall Sparks, born the 10th December 1844, died the 26th September, 1879.



Sacred to the memory of …   …(illegible), the beloved wife of Charles Davies, C.E., who died at Monsimbul, June 10th 1876, aged 51 years.

Martin Sculp.


Robert Thatcher Bicknell


Sacred to the memory of Robert Thatcher Bicknell, who died at byjnath, Kangra Valley, on 10th May 1885, aged 27 years. This tomb is erected by his many friends in the district.


Sacred to the memory of James Elson Clarke, died at Dharmsala, 12th December 1876, aged   …(illegible)1 years.


In loving memory of Captain Ormonde FitzGerald, Late 87th Royal Irish Fusilier, who died Sept. 24th 1891.

Blessed are they who die in the Lord. To live is Christ and to die is gain.



Sacred to the memory of Cecilia Hestor Henrietta Peachey, aged 9 months & 5 days. died 20th June 1876.

Kunnan Lall & Sons, Sectr. Delhi.


Sacred to the memory of Andrew Turnbull, Proprietor of the   Palampur Tea Estate, who died on 12th September 1899, aged 57.



Photographs, text and copyright by K.J.S.Chatrath.


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