“French graves, Pondicherry, Part-1” by K.J.S.Chatrath

Sketch of world map showing Pondicherry

 Here are some photos of the graves in the French cemetery at Pondicherry.


Ici repose Mme. D. Janet nee’ Sice, nee’ le 6 Janvier 1851, decedee le 1 Mai, 1881.

Priez pour elle.

(She died at the young age of 30.)


Ici reposent, la famille Neff. Paul Neff. Catherine Neff.



Ici reposent, Ursule et Edmon Phaure.

Louise Phaure- nee’ le 3 Mai 1814, decedee’ le 1 Octobre, 1819.

(The little girl child died at the age of 5.)


Laure Cornet, nee’ le 19 avril 1892, decedee’  30 Janvier 1898.

(This girl child too died at the age of 6 only.)


Ci-Git, Joseph Le Peltier, Sous Comre. de la Marine de 1re Classe, age de 50 ans. Decede’ le 25 Mars 1865. Priez pour lui.


Hermance Pereira


Tombeau de famille. Eliza Desjardins, 1854-1936.

Marcien Desjardins, 1882-1938.

A. Sice’.

P.P.E. (The full form priez pour eux means ‘pray for them’)



(Please see my book for the full inscription)



Ici reposent, Elmyre et Paul Baptiste



Claire O’Connell nee’ Blin, decedee’ le 25 Decembre, 1904.

It is said that the young lady died on the night of her marriage – on 25th December, 1904. Clasped hands, a male and a female indicate marriage. There is also a small owl depicted on the grave- depicting bad luck.

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Photographs, text and copyright by K.J.S.Chatrath.


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