‘Paris Cemeteries & their Secrets: Oscar Wilde’s Tomb at Père-Lachaise’ by Marilyn Brouwer

Pere_Lachaise_looking_down_the_hill 580 66Looking down the hill at Père Lachaise by Näkymä Père-Lachaiseen/ Public Domain

Paris Cemeteries & their Secrets: Oscar Wilde’s Tomb at Père-Lachaise By Marilyn Brouwer; Bonjour Paris;

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“Pere Lachaise cemetery, Paris” by K.J.S.Chatrath


Pere Lachaise cemetery, Paris is one of the most welknown cemeteries in the world.


It is also said to be the most visited cemetery in the world.


Père Lachaise Cemetery, officially known as cimetière de l’Est, “East Cemetery”, is the largest cemetery in Paris.


The cemetery is on Boulevard de Ménilmontant.


The cemetery is quite congested.

The Paris Metro stationPhilippe Auguste  on line 2is next to the main entrance, while the station named Pere Lachaise, on both lines 2 and 3, is  around 500 metres away,  near a side entrance.


Like so many other new starts, this cemetery too was got built by Napoleon in 1804.



I asked this gentleman if I could take his photo. He nodded and then got busy with his work.

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