‘French graves, Pondicherry, Part-II’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

?? elisabeth 580 33(Ici repose, Elisabeth Cloth De Vassou, decedee’ le 26 Septembre, 1889, a l’age de 65 ans, Priez pour elle.)

Here rests

Elisabeth Cloth De Vassou,

died on 26th Semtember, 1889

at the age of 65.

Pray for her.

firmin 580 33(Tombeau de famille- Ici repose Firmin Joachim Vassou, Decede’ le 13 Avril 1878, a l’age de 62 ans. Priez pour lui)

Family Tomb

Here lies Firmin Joachim Vassou. Died on 13th April 1878

at the age of 62 years.

Pray for him.

masker 580 33(Ici reposent, Marie Leongine Masker, nee’ le 24-12-1873, decedee’ le 24-8-1910 – Claire Marius Masker, Nee’ le 12-8-1872 et decedee’ le 12.2.1925)

Here rest Marie Leongine Masker, born on 24-12-1873 and died on le 24-8-1910.

Claire Marius Masker, born on 12-8-1872 and died on 12.2.1925.

Quite interestingly Marie was born on 24th of a month and died on 24th of another month. Similarly Claire was born on 12th of a month and died on 12th of another month!

pierre 580 33(Ci git, Pierre Frion, ne’ a Bordeaux, le 20 Fevrier 1794. Decede’ a Pondicherry a le 15 Aout 1862.)

Here lies

Pierre Frion born in Bordeaux

on 20th February, 1794

Died at Pondicherry

on 15th August 1862.



?? ?? (Sylvain Robinet, Chrurgien De L’Armee Royale, Ne’ a Rouchefort, 7th May 1796. Decede’ a Pondichery le 5th 8re 1841. Sa veuve et ses amis inconconsolables…..This isncription is hazy and not very clear).

Sylvain Robinet,

Surgeon of the Royal Army,

Born at Rouchefort, 7th May 1796.

Died at Pondichery on 5th 8re 1841.

His inconsolable widow and friends.

urbain 580 33(A la memoire de M. Perdiron Urbain, Inspecteur Primaire, Decede’ le 27 Avril 1890. Hommage de pieux souvenir et de reconnaissance du corps Enseignment Primaire de l’Inde  Francaise.)

In the memory of

M. Perdiron Urbain, Primary Inspector,

Died on 27th April, 1890.

Hommage of pious souvenir and  rememberence of the Corps of Primary Education

in French India.

bayoud 580 33(Jeanne BAYOUD, nee’ VERDIER, 1880-1954, R.I.P.)

Jeanne Bayoud,

Nee’ Verdier,


Rest In Peace.


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